New Reading

The group: Brother’s Karamazov.

On my own: The Elegance of the Hedgehog, Hugo’s Les Miserables, Mavis Gallant’s Paris Stories.

I’ll post soon on recent group reading and reactions.


One response to “New Reading

  1. Dear Lisa, So glad to meet you even if it is in cyber space.
    I am sitting in my small office in Sarasota and on my wall on my right is a painting of your fathers. Actually it is the artis’ts proof from “Hand in Hand” – the very first painting I ever bought. I was a teacher then and was working on my first masters in Guidance Counseling. Now I am a licensed psychotherapist and the paining has been on my walls for the last 22 years.
    I plan to write a story about my small collection of art and how it has been a personal reflection of my own life. Your fathers painting still “talks” to me. A Segal

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