Books to Consider – January 2008

  1. Ann Patchett – Truth and Beauty – Nonfiction about friendship of two writers.
  2. Marisha Pessi – Special Topics in Calamity Physics – Novel about travels with literary allusions and clever writing.
  3. Sarah Waters – The Night Watch – Novel told backwards 1947-1941 covering WW II in Britain
  4. Doris Lessing – Early work
  5. Liam Callanan – novelist suggested by Maryellen
  6. Edith Wharton bio – suggested by Barbara
  7. Gertrude Bell – The Desert and the Sown – Travel writings of a “female Lawrence of Arabia”
  8. Rubenstein – Stalin’s Children (I’m unable to find it on Amazon) – nonfiction / history

We’re thinking of selecting from among the above list. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please comment!


2 responses to “Books to Consider – January 2008

  1. The Waters book appeals to me, as I’m reading and writing about World War II at the moment.

  2. We decided on Waters: The Night Watch for next time. And we’ve added two books to the list: Lampedusa: The Leopard and Yourcenar: Memoirs of Hadrian

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